If technological innovation arouses interest in our modern society, our experience has led us
to consider that a good product or service does not exist in the absolute.

The marketing of an innovative product therefore requires a perfect knowledge of the area
of expertise and expertise of the marketing and sales processes so that the offer is a real
economic success in the very long term.

Thanks to this knowledge and our mastery of innovation, we have created ESEDIS, after
repeated requests from our customers, with the aim of promoting and commercializing
innovation on our markets in North America.

From our business model, we draw an ambition shared by our entire organization: General
Management, Operational or department directors, researchers, developers, salespeople and
assistants to get users to adopt your products and brands, naturally changing them
behaviors and habits by themselves, without asking them to do so.

Our job is to develop innovation at the heart of all individual and collective actions.



  • 1067 Jean – DUMETZ Street.

  • Québec, QC G1W 4K6 , Canada

  • Contact@esedis-group.com

  • Quebec Office : +1 (581) 309 - 1626

  • Toronto Office : +1 (437) 882 -9264