Our History

Esedis Group was created in 2010 after more than 20 years of rich managerial experience and consulting activity in the development of innovative projects.

Having always been at the heart of the life of the company and the people who make it up, the idea of ​​contributing to the prosperity of one and the full development of the other has imposed itself on us. Convinced that the well-being of everyone is decisive in ensuring the success of organizations. We innovate to create ecosystems of work and life, a source of pleasure, commitment and individual and collective accomplishment.

This is how we have created our own spaces in happy and open places where the quality of life, the atmosphere, the exchanges, the work are combined with performance, productivity and benevolence for all.

Our mission

Create an exceptional employee experience that empowers every woman and man to work effectively at the intersection of happiness, wellbeing, passion and purpose to support the growth of the organization.

About our products

A unique offer based on experience and validated by numerous experts and thousands of users.
Made from eco-responsible materials by suppliers scrupulously selected for their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Relaxation Cocoons

Who has not, at some point in their working day, wanted to isolate themselves for a break to regain energy or a break to refocus to be more efficient and more productive? If astronauts, top athletes, navigators and many others do it well, why not employees?

By wanting to do too much, we inevitably end up exhausting ourselves. Deprivation of rest and the accumulation of a sleep deficit have unfortunate repercussions on health: increased stress, lack of concentration, reduced vigilance, drowsiness, depression... In such circumstances, a light nap may come to the rescue of a tired or stressed body.

Whether you feel worn out or slightly tired during the day, taking a short nap is a good way to replenish your energy. This controlled and punctual falling asleep is an integral part of the circadian rhythm (our famous biological clock).

It is essential to allow yourself to unplug to see more clearly and restore order to your ideas; to voluntarily cut yourself off from external influences to stop the negative loop of stress, to declutter your mind and leave in better shape.

Silence Box Solutions

Much more than innovative acoustic spaces, our solutions are a way to reinvent the culture of your organization by energising the open-space, transforming it into an agile and intelligent multi-space.

Taking into account a perfect balance between the “Me” and the “We”, between the quality of life in the office and the productivity of employees is essential today to ensure the continuity of business objectives.

This is why, through our Stand-Up, SeatBox, Uno, Duo, Quatro, Sixo Box and Booth, we integrate a range of workspaces and atmospheres, versatile socializing areas so that everyone can, according to their needs, their situation and desires of the moment, choose independently the ideal place to develop their skills.

Flexible collaborative and individual spaces, places of exchange and learning, time for expression and communication, all the possibilities are at your fingertips to express your talent in the most absolute calm. You will be conquered: Silence creates efficiency.

Exterior Meeting Pods

We want the company of tomorrow to be a real place of human-centered development. We see the company as a health partner for its employees. We are involved every day with our customers by offering a complete solution for the productivity and health of their employees. Valuing the body means giving it primary needs: Drinking, eating, breathing and resting. Many studies show that every day we accumulate a sleep debt. The reasons are diverse: workloads, working conditions and environments, personal life, etc. The Nap & Up cocoon meets this need for sleep by offering the possibility of recharging your batteries at work.