Nap & Up

Power nap area

A unique space of well-being with exclusive properties

We want the company of tomorrow to be a real place of human-centered development. We see the company as a health partner for its employees. We are involved every day with our customers by offering a complete solution for the productivity and health of their employees.

Valuing the body means giving it primary needs: Drinking, eating, breathing and resting. Many studies show that every day we accumulate a sleep debt. The reasons are diverse: workloads, working conditions and environments, personal life, etc. The Nap & Up cocoon meets this need for sleep by offering the possibility of recharging your batteries at work. The micro-nap cocoon allows you to be cut off from the work environment and thus to let go in the best possible conditions.

Nap & Up app
To help your employees disconnect, the cocoon offers more than 350 relaxation audios:

• Themes developed by sophrologists

• Voice accompaniment

• Four nap times to allow employees to relax as needed

• An anonymized cocoon reservation system

• A reporting system for your micro-nap space

Ephemeral spaces

We offer support to help you discover the micro-nap and its benefits over one or several days. . Discover its benefits in terms of studies and user feedback ; how does it work ; the implementation in compagnies, hospitals and universities and all you need to know about this product.
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  • Visual insulation
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Light and flexible (around 66 lbs)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adapts to health constraints
  • Ethical manufacturing
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Made from circular economy


Length = 67 inches
Width = 27.5 inches (without tablet) 35.4 inches (with tablet)
Footprint = 16 square feet


Standard cocoon = Duck Blue, Sunflower or Red
Hygiene + cocoon (antibacterial, virucidal and fire-retardant fabrics) = Glacier/Periwinkle or Charcoal/Turquoise

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