Solutions to promote
well-being and

efficiency in organizations

Our Products

A unique offer based on experience and validated by numerous experts and thousands of users. Made from eco-responsible materials by suppliers scrupulously selected for their Corporate Social Responsibility.

Relaxation Cocoons

A real break to regain energy and refocus.
Encouraging micro-nap to increase cognitive performance and productivity.

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Silence Box Solutions

Reinventing the culture of the workplace. Energizing the open-space by transforming it into an agile and intelligent multi-space.

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Exterior Pods

Enjoying outdoor spaces in all time. Offering a unique and unmatched working and studying environment.

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Our clients

All over North America, many organizations trust us to provide a better working and learning environment. No matter the size or sector of your organisation, we have a solution for your needs.

Private Companies

Small, medium and large companies. Large groups. All sector combined

Public Organisations

Hospitals, Care Units and
 Government Organisations

Educational Institutions

Colleges, Universities and Schools. 
All sizes combined

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