Outdoor Meeting Pod

Outdoor work and meeting space

Imagine working outdoors in a quiet, ultra-comfortable space in contact with nature, in a garden, terrace or rooftop terrace.

You have a green space, a terrace, a roof top, an atrium, an enclosed courtyard... An unoccupied open-air place just waiting to live and smile at you? Discover our "OUTDOOR MEETING POD", a range of outdoor booths with a unique concept where nature invites itself and becomes an integral and natural part of the working environment.

We offer you for year-round use, efficient and quiet workspaces, outdoor meeting rooms open or fully closed, heated and air-conditioned to receive your customers, places where your employees can move freely and collaborate in complete safety. autonomy without disturbing others in contact with the elements of nature. Created from eco-responsible composite materials from the circular economy, we have flexible modules for you that can accommodate from 2 to 8 people permanently.

Fully customizable and Plug & Play, we offer the possibility of reducing your environmental footprint by adding solar panels to power our pods, providing at the same time charging supports for your laptops and phones as well as LED lights and Bluetooth speakers in addition to an electrical connection.

2 people (L750mm x W2500mm x H2100mm) or (L29.6" x W 98.4" x 82.7")
4 people (L1500mm x W2500mm x H2100mm) or (L59" x W 98.4" x 82.7")
6 people (L2250mm x W2500mm x H2100mm) or (L88.6" x W 98.4" x 82.7")
8 people (L3000mm x W2500mm x H2100mm) or (L118" x W 98.4" x 82.7")


  • 5 years warranty on structural parts
  • Solar panel with storage battery
  • USB 12 V
  • LED lighting
  • Electrical outlet
  • Heating and cooling system with thermostat
  • HDMI port, Ethernet and additional electrical outlet available
  • Smart locking system


For 4 people:
Length = 98 inches
Width= 59 inches
Heigh = 82.6 inches
Other sizes available


Exterior configuration: open, partially open or fully closed
Interior configuration: basic, standard or premium
Tailor-made customization option available

To receive detailed specifications or get more information contact us.