Booth PROCYON Mobility

Collaborative and individual acoustic spaces

Designed for work times and formal and informal meetings for all people, especially people with reduced mobility

Collaborative and individual acoustic spaces designed for work times and formal and informal meetings. Its specificity: Access to all people, especially people with reduced mobility. Inside, a table or tablet (Booth 1 person), chairs of your choice, a screen (optional), USB and electrical connections to charge phones and computers.

By integrating our cabins, you will multiply the advantages and eliminate the disadvantages:

- No more painful and constraining work phases

- Plug & play: Thanks to an implementation requiring a minimum of intervention, your spaces will be operational in record time

- Mobile ; You wish to change the place of your cabin. No worries, they have wheels studied to move them. Moving you is easy, we can move them to your new premises.

You will reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the movement of materials and waste due to de-construction and reconstruction. Eliminate the action of "throw away" and reinvent the action of sustainability and eco-responsible environment.


To receive detailed specifications, please contact us.

PROCYON Quality Standards


With a minimal floor surface, our solutions are adaptable to all offices spaces


Equipped with wheels, moves and adapts easily to your needs of evolution with a fast installation


Latest generation of collaborative acoustics, offering excellent sound insulation 38dBA


Equipped with a patented air cooling system, ARS air refreshing system (optional)


5 cabin sizes available: Individual (footprint. 12 square feet)
Collaboratives: Range M (footprint. 34.5 square feet) , L (footprint. 47 square feet), XL (footprint. 69.5 square feet), XXL (footprint.92 square feet) For more information, ask for our documentation


Thousands of possible combinations with materials and finishes carefully tested and selected.

To receive detailed specifications or get more information contact us.