PROCYON Quatro Box

Collaborative space 4 people

A silent workspace for up to four people for private meetings, extended concentrated work, video calls or training.

Entirely designed to meet the challenges of open and noisy environments, the Procyon Quatro Box cabin is a collaborative, flexible and connected cabin, developed for teamwork, for formal and informal meetings, for training times or customer meetings without worry about disturbing colleagues around you thanks to high-performance acoustics.


  • Presence indicator
  • Warm or cool lights
  • Close door
  • 16 directional wheels
  • 110V outlet
  • 2 USB-A and C ports
  • RJ45 socket (optional)
  • 2 screens 23.6 inches (optional)

PROCYON Quality Standards


With a minimal floor surface, our solutions are adaptable to all offices spaces


Equipped with wheels, moves and adapts easily to your needs of evolution with a fast installation


Latest generation of collaborative acoustics, offering excellent sound insulation 38dBA


Equipped with a patented air cooling system, ARS air refreshing system (optional)


Length = 85 inches
Width = 54 inches
Height = 86 inches
Footprint = 31.8 square feet


Exterior = 3 basic colors (more colors available on request)
Interior = polyester, wool or PVC with 340 choices of colors

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