Confidentiality pod 1 person

A pod designed for private phone conversations and quick note-taking without interrupting the surrounding people

Fully designed to meet the challenges of open and noisy environments. The Uno Box is the ideal solution to isolate yourself, especially during a phone call, a videoconference or a quiet working time away from the surrounding noise. By integrating this module into your offices, you promote the concentration, performance and well-being of your employees while optimizing your space.


  • Presence indicator
  • Warm or cool lights
  • Close door
  • 4 directional wheels
  • 110V outlet
  • 2 USB-A and C ports
  • RJ45 socket (optional)
  • 1 screen 23.6 inches (optional)

PROCYON Quality Standards


With a minimal floor surface, our solutions are adaptable to all offices spaces


Equipped with wheels, moves and adapts easily to your needs of evolution with a fast installation


Latest generation of collaborative acoustics, offering excellent sound insulation 38dBA


Equipped with a patented air cooling system, ARS air refreshing system (optional)


Length = 54 inches
Width = 40 inches
Height = 83 inches
Footprint = 10.8 square feet


Exterior = 3 basic colors (more colors available on request)
Interior = polyester, wool or PVC with 340 choices of colors

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