Power-nap area

A quiet place designed for energizing breaks and power-naps

The Dream Box is an acoustic bubble of relaxation and rest designed to allow micro-naps in the workplace. Combining comfort, integrated system, premium materials, patented technology, it will provide each user with all the benefits of a recuperative and energizing nap.

The Dream Box is the only acoustic solution on the market that integrates the most advanced functions. Equipped with an ultra-friendly and easy-to-use control panel (samsung touch pad), users will have access to all the functions offered by the application: choice of themes, background sounds, duration of the session, control of the atmosphere light, ambient air management. The customizable memory foam mattress (16 colors available) will provide a relaxing and soothing effect that will help to facilitate letting go, tension on the skeleton, ... The chromotherapy function through a choice of several colors will participate in the physical, psychic and emotional harmonization of the user.

The Dream Box offers 12 power-nap themes to choose from for recuperative and energizing breaks. The control panel being easy to use, all you have to do is let yourself be guided until the end of your session.

Selected wood structure from the circular economy. For each Box made, 1 tree is replanted. Fabrics: The fabrics used are guaranteed to last, with proven durability, technical performance and flame retardancy to international flammability standards.


  • Interior touch tablet
  • Presence indicator
  • Door tinted in the mass
  • 16 guided relaxation programs: Guided audios, melodies
  • Chromotherapy: more than 16 million colors available
  • Double-glazed door: 8 mm SECURIT glass front face and 6 mm laminated glass rear face
  • 110V electrical outlet
  • Sanitary sheets (Optional)

PROCYON Quality Standards


With a minimal floor surface, our solutions are adaptable to all offices spaces


Equipped with wheels, moves and adapts easily to your needs of evolution with a fast installation


Latest generation of collaborative acoustics, offering excellent sound insulation 38dBA


Equipped with a patented air cooling system, ARS air refreshing system (optional)


Length = 96 inches
Width = 48 inches
Height = 72 inches
Footprint = 36 square feet


Exterior = 9 choices of wood
Interior = 25 colors for the mastress cover, other internal parts are always white

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